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 We wanted to share some of the awesome reviews and notes we've received from customers. We love hearing from you, so please continue to send us your ideas, suggestions and thoughts!


"Comfortable, Safe and Trendy - love it. We love this scarf! The scarf came to us as a gift and my one year old loves wearing it. It adds a little extra warmth and a whole lot of fashion to her wardrobe. The scarf is very soft and loose enough not to annoy her. The closure is a simple snap so I don't have to fight it over her head or worry about safety. Every time she wears it we receive numerous compliments. Baby Hipster for sure."

- Kirsten S.'s review of our Baby Infinity Scarf in Blue Elephants she received as a gift


"Loved this product for my niece. We baked christmas cookies together this year and she was thrilled to also be wearing a chef's apron all her own. Thanks!!"

- Christina Z.'s note about our Kids Apron in Spruce Feathers purchased as a gift


"I absolutely loved this little infinity scarf for my daughter. She looked just like me when she had it on.  Now you just need to make a matching mommy and daughter set! :)"

- Elizabeth M.'s review of our Infinity Scarf in Butterflies purchased for her daughter

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